Friday, 8 November 2013

The best toasted sandwich

Take a couple of slices of bread and spread with a sauce (I favour Reggae Reggae sauce, but anything with a bit of a kick, or brown eg HP if spicy isn't for you). Spread one slice thin and the other a bit thicker.

Put a slice of ham onto the thinly spread slice. Add cheese, either thin slices or a bit grated. (I like extra-mature cheddar, but whatever you have is good, even those little plastic sausages of Austrian Smoked thinly sliced)

Put the thicker sauced slice on top of cheese.

This bit can get a bit messy, but basically you need to lightly butter (or whatever spread you use) the outside of the sandwich before toasting it. This makes it lovely and crunchy. (I usually butter one side, put that side down on the grill and then butter the top.

For best results if you have a George Forman grill (about two minutes) or sandwich toaster, use that (with thinner spread slice with ham on the bottom down so cheese is less likely to try to escape through bread and weld to appliance), otherwise put under the cooker grill, or you can put it into a frying pan (no oil) and turn when crsipy.

(My second favourite toasted sandwich is cream cheese with some thinly sliced spring onion in - sounds a bit odd but is very nice!)

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