Saturday, 1 February 2014

Potato Wedges

Cut the potatoes (I usually use Maris Pipers, one or two per person, depending on size) into wedges (I cut each into eight: cut longways in half, then half and half again. Or maybe six if smaller, half then into three). Put in an oven tin, drizzle over a couple of teaspoons of oil then rub all the potato slices together to coat. Spread them in one layer and put them in the oven (about 200c/GM6) for about 45 mins. (If they overlap you will need to add about ten minutes, and give them a shuggle half way through)

I usually leave them for about half an hour, then check them. If they aren't yet cooked through (stab a thick one to make sure it's soft) and starting to go a bit crispy yet (depends on how thick the slices are and how packed the tin is), you might need to leave them in a bit longer, or turn the oven up a bit.

Use potato wedges with spicy chicken, in loaded skins or try with devilled sauce or barbecue ribs

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