Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chicken Kebabs

Quick and tasty. Serves 4

Marinade (to cover 1lb of chicken cut into bite size pieces)

2tsps ground coriander

2tsps ground cumin

(I am a bit more generous with the coriander, rounded spoons for coriander, flat ones for the cumin)

1tsp turmeric

¼ - 1 tsp paprika or cayenne pepper (according to how spicy you like it)

Crushed garlic (depends on how garlic-y you like it– I think half a bulb is about right!)

Lemon juice, add enough to make a thick paste, but not sloppy, about 1-2 tbsp

Add chicken and mix to coat. Leave for about 10 minutes while grill heats up.

Foil line a roasting tin, spread chicken out and cook under a hot grill for 5-10 mins. Cut into a big piece to check chicken cooked through (ie no pink remaining)

Serve with toasted pita breads, yoghurt (I think greek is best) and chopped peppers (the marinated chicken is lovely on its own, but the peppers and yoghurt work brilliantly together stuffed in pita bread).

1tsp = 5ml
1tbsp = 15ml
1lb = 450g

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